What are the possibilities for 2019-2020?

Discover How To Spark Authentic Motivation in Urban And Culturally Diverse Classrooms by Engaging Students of Color and Transforming the Learning Environment!

  • Discover the Real SECRET For Unleashing Your Full Potential by Increasing Culturally Diverse Student Achievement, Building Stronger Relationships, Exercising Teacher Self-care And Maximizing Teacher Creativity

  • Learn Ways To Help Your Students Of Color Not Just Survive But Thrive

  • Avoid Feeling Burned Out, Depleted And Exhausted 

What will be learned?

Module 1: Creating a learning environment that helps students of color thrive

Module 2: Shift the paradigm and don’t Believe the urban education Hype 

Module 3: Achievement - Getting your students from where they are to where they need to be

Module 4: Alliance - Relationship-building in urban and culturally diverse schools

Module 5: Awareness - Social emotional learning for higher motivation & lower stress

Module 6: Artistry - Creativity and innovation in the urban classroom

How can increasing achievement for students of color make a difference in your school?

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Walk away with proven strategies to implement in your classroom and school right away. Begin the transformation to your optimal learning environment now!


The best research-based and time-tested strategies that top educators use to get dynamic results from their students each and every day!


Tackling challenges specific to teaching today’s students in urban and culturally diverse schools. Gain access to the skills necessary to not just survive but thrive!


Dynamic, hands-on, and fun professional learning that translates into measurable improvements for culturally diverse and traditionally underserved students. ‚Äč

The Teach Hustle Inspire Masterclass: Culturally responsive teaching for high student engagement

This critical program starts with high levels of classroom engagement. What we’ve come to understand is that many do not consider the tremendous impact culture has on how we learn. Students from urban and culturally diverse settings care very much about learning and school—when it makes sense to them.  We focus on designing lesson plans and learning experiences that are highly engaging and student-relevant.

Dr. Shaun Woodly offers services and programs designed to break down the barriers that can limit educator success, allowing them to reach, motivate, and engage all of their students. All meaning ALL. These programs facilitate a path for educators to genuinely connect with their students, increasing student achievement and truly transforming the learning environment.

For success, it is critical that teachers acquire and master new skills that match their students’ way of understanding and interacting with the world around them. For this reason, we offer several options to fit your school’s specific needs and help you promote teacher and student success!

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