Nearly 60% of public school students in the 4th grade are not proficient in reading.

By the 8th grade, students of color are only half as proficient in math as their counterparts.

If you think this isnā€™t intentional, think again.

For too long, some very powerful people have influenced our schools to disproportionately benefit those who come from advantaged backgrounds. They influence federal as well as state laws, and craft manipulative narratives that place the blame on families, communitiesā€¦even teachers. Their influence relies on us as educators to uphold the status quo, use unreliable instructional methods, and remain...ordinary.

But in the face of darkness, heroes emerge. To those brave enough to challenge the system, to stand against these odds, the call is clear. This is the end of ordinary and the rise of extraordinary.

Welcome to The League of Extraordinary Educators.

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