Dr. Shaun Woodly

Speaker | Author | Educator | Motivator 

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Specializing in schools & organizations that serve urban and culturally diverse communities, I guide driven and passionate people through a transformational experience in a way that is fun, engaging, and life-changing! 

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To the dedicated educators, mentors, role models, counselors, leaders and beyond who motivate and teach the children of our future - this movement is for you!

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“More than two weeks later people are still commenting on Dr. Woodly’s dynamic presentation!” 

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“If you’re in any industry that involves dealing with people, this book is a great tool to use”

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“I love this shirt! It represents everything I believe in as an educator.”

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Here are “10 Proven Methods for Top-of-Your-Game Teaching as an Urban Educator”

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Register for the Super Teachers Summit! 

The Super Teachers Summit is an interactive virtual conference for those of us who answer the world’s most important call - educators! We are without a doubt earth’s real, live superheroes. This event will help you build your teaching arsenal, reach more students, and change the outcome for the better! Taking place July 29th & 30th, this 2-day experience is designed to build capacity for educators that serve in urban & culturally diverse communities.

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