Dr. Shaun Woodly

Meet Dr. Shaun Woodly 

Dr. Shaun Woodly is a sought after speaker & professional development expert whose highly engaging, fun, yet thought-provoking messages inspire guests for action and change. Dr. Woodly works with educators at all levels, specializing in helping those that serve in urban and culturally diverse communities.


Teaching in urban and culturally diverse schools has been a daily struggle for many educators. Different personalities, backgrounds and learning abilities can raise a lot of questions about how to meet the needs of such a variety of people.

Award-winning educator and university professor, Dr. Shaun Woodly shares research-based strategies, from 14 years of experience, to help you create the optimal learning environment in your classroom. He offers strategies that educators can put in place to transform standards and objectives to revolutionize learning.

What students often perceive as mundane or boring will be transformed into genuinely interesting and engaging experiences. When educators create learning that is culturally responsive they will see a powerful transformation. From classroom management, student engagement, teacher lifestyle hacks, and everything else that works (and doesn’t work), you will reach, motivate, and engage ALL of your students through an improved teaching practice.


A graduate of Hampton University, Dr. Shaun Woodly obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2004, Master’s degree in 2005, followed by his Ph.D. is 2014. Dr. Woodly has dedicated his professional career to education. He is a decorated K-12 teacher, University professor and author whose deep passion and research have allowed him great success as an educator and entrepreneur. 

Dr. Woodly has received multiple honors including being named teacher of the year, receiving a district inspiration award, and several commendations of distinction for outstanding teaching and leadership. He has written the best-selling book “MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms” and is the architect behind the educator movement Teach Hustle Inspire.

TEACH means to “unlock intellectual treasure”, HUSTLE means that we “can't stop learning, won't stop learning” and INSPIRE is all about “spreading love and light”. Although it resonates mostly with educators, Dr. Woodly believes that if you’ve ever mentored, led, coached, parented, inspired, or motivated someone, you are a teacher - plain and simple! This movement serves to touch the lives of students as well as motivate teachers and leaders in the community.

Dr. Shaun Woodly also consults with schools and districts, motivating educators and delivering instructional feedback to teachers, modeling skills and techniques as it relates to implementation of strategies to improve their practice. He specializes in speaking and training in urban and culturally diverse schools, collaborating with teachers, principals, and other administrators to collect, analyze, interpret, and use data to guide instructional decisions and improve student achievement. 

In both education and life, Dr. Woodly believes in having fun! He educates with love, enthusiasm, motivation and hustle!